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Portable ROV Products That Provide Maximum Maneuverability

Remotely operated vehicles from Deep Trekker, Inc. are the only truly portable underwater observation systems of their kind on the market. Each unit comes as a self-contained all-in-one box — no other equipment is required. For industries such as aquaculture, infrastructure, energy, military/security/police, shipping and salvage, commercial diving or underwater discovery, there is no easier, more convenient way to conduct flawless underwater observation without getting into the water yourself.

Battery-Powered Remote Operated Vehicles

We Feature Battery-Powered Remote Operated Vehicles

All our ROVs and Pipe Crawlers operate via internal battery power, eliminating the need for an external power source. You won’t have to lug around bulky generators or topside boxes.

The extended battery run time allows you to execute longer projects without frequent recharging. Our DTG2 ROV unit has a battery run time of six to eight hours, with an optional hybrid-power option. The DTX2 ROV features a three- to six-hour run time, and the DT340 pipe crawler can operate up to eight hours. All of our products recharge in 1.5-hours.

Self-Contained Power Source Minimizes Drag

Self-Contained Power Source Minimizes Drag
Another advantage of a battery-powered ROV is because the power source is located internally; the unit can maneuver with a low-drag minimal diameter tether. The thin, neutrally buoyant tether ensures no power is wasted by dragging a heavy tether. What’s more, the polyurethane jacketed tether provides high-strength integrated fibers that facilitate deploying and retrieving the ROV and pipe crawler without requiring additional lead lines.

The Ideal Solution for Inspecting Remote Locations

Inspecting Remote Locations
Underwater procedures such as pipe inspections, hull inspections, and oceanic research often occur in remote locations. The portable nature of our battery-powered robots makes it easy to take them with you wherever you go, even to areas where there is no additional power source available. You get a standalone system that fits into one or two carrying cases for simplified transportability — you won’t have to worry about shipping your ROV or pipe crawler to a remote worksite.

Handheld Controller Enhances ROV Maneuverability and Portability

Our portable remote operated vehicles and pipe crawlers include a handheld controller unit that allows for true “remote control” of the unit. The controllers offer a wide range of functionality so you can easily maneuver the ROV and integrated camera. They are also extremely easy to use, and there is no extended learning curve. You will be able to master its operation and features in just a few hours.

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