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4K Ultra HD System


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Powered by GoPro™

Introducing 4K ultra high-resolution camera and recording system for the DTG2 and DTX2 remotely operated vehicles. The externally mounted camera system is depth rated to 305 m (1000 ft) in a custom Deep Trekker housing with a direct live feed to your handheld controller.

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Product Description

Easily toggle between the 270 degree rotating internal HD camera and the 4K external camera system to view the video being captured and recorded.

The handheld controller has full remote control of the external camera. With on/off, mode, shutter and menus accessible topside. With this functionality, quickly capture still frames up to 12 MP or record video in up to 4K quality.

This system is ideal for investigations that require extremely high resolution video and picture quality. Video and images are recorded internally on the camera, once the ROV is topside simply extract the files wirelessly using the GoPro app to your computer or smartphone.


  • Auxiliary externally mounted camera and recording powered and controlled by ROV
  • Full control of on/off, shutter, menus via standard topside controller
  • Live video stream to controller LCD

** Only available for new Deep Trekker systems

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