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DT320 Mini Add-on

DT320 Mini Add-on

The perfect compliment to the DT340, the DT320 Mini Crawler add-on uses the same tether and controls making it easier to inspect pipes as small as 6-inches.

This standalone option is designed to work with your existing DT340 tether and controller. The DT320 mini add-on product to your existing Deep Trekker DT340 model to expand your capabilities. This DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler is specifically designed to fit into 6″ (150mm) diameter pipes or larger. This small crawler has an elevating arm, pan, tilt HD camera, and bright LED lighting. The elevating arm centers the camera on a 12″ diameter pipe (300 mm). Package Contents: DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler with PT Camera Head Elevating Arm 6-inch wheel option Pelican Carrying Case

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