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Hybrid-Power System

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Get the best of both worlds with the new hybrid-power system for the DTG2 line of ROVs. Extend your deployments past the 6 – 8 hour battery life to an unlimited run-time while still being able to switch to the on-board battery power at anytime.

This optional hybrid-power system includes a lightweight, neutrally buoyant 5 mm tether, with optional lengths up to 150 m (492 ft). The tether is specifically designed to send power to the ROV’s internal batteries to continuously charge the unit while it is plugged in.

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Using a cord similar to a laptop charger, the DTG2 tether reel plugs into any 110 or 220 outlet. Using the same hand-held controller and viewing screen, this system keeps the ultimate portability that Deep Trekker is known for while also provideing the extended mission time required for some projects.

At anytime the system can be unplugged and switch to using the on-board batteries, which will last 6 – 8 hours on a 1.5 hour charge. This system is the most versatile on the market, with the most portable ROV requiring nothing more than one carrying case.

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