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PW Makar and Deep Trekker: The Top to Bottom Inspection Solution

PW Makar DTG2 Potable Tank Inspector

At Deep Trekker, we are continually looking to innovate. Customers have problems to solve underwater, we create solutions. PW Makar, a Corunna, Ontario, Canada based tank coating inspection company, operates a DTG2 Worker for their internal inspections. The operators rave about the video quality and are able to complete thorough inspections of an entire tank in a very short time.

PW Makar operates their Deep Trekker in their clients’ potable water towers and pipes. The ROV is used to visually inspect the condition of the interior coatings of the tank, using the depth and heading sensors to direct and locate areas of interest, such as valves and meters for inspection as well. Once an issue has been discovered, PW Makar is able to determine the relative size of the pit or crack or corrosion of the lining by comparing to the DTG2’s laser scaler measure. The grabber claw is used to retrieve foreign objects, such as rolls of tape (pictured below), dead animals and other foreign objects we do not want in our drinking water!

DTG2 Worker Retrieval

The PW Makar team decided to take innovation into their own hands and have developed a unique solution for inspecting above the water line in their customers’ tanks. They placed a simple but durable fibreglass pontoon system to elevate the top of the ROV above the water line:

PW Makar Pontoon System

The fibreglass is hollow and is able to partially lift the ROV out of the water. Once above the water line, the operator rotates the 270 degree camera straight up and the picture is recorded from a position out of the water, ensuring top quality picture. For large flat base reservoir towers, that have more width than height, the top of the tank is a large portion of the inspection and is difficult to get eyes on with just a few inches to possibly a few feet of space between the water level and the tank’s ceiling.

Some customers set the DTG2’s buoyancy to be positive and drive slowly along the surface, then there are customers like PW Makar who strive for innovation and work with Deep Trekker and our team to make solutions to provide the best service to their customers. Their pontoon system allowed for extremely still video shots of the ceiling of the tanks, proving that thoroughness is the key to their long term success and customer satisfaction.

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