RJE Oceanbotics

RJE Oceanbotics

The Most Maneuverable Underwater ROV

Underwater ROV for Professionals

This remotely operated underwater vehicle is designed for superior performance and reliability, equipped with RJE’s 8 thruster dynamic vector control providing 6 DOF, precision control, and extreme maneuverability.With a quick and easy set-up, near-instant operating familiarity, and impeccable underwater visibility, the RJE Oceanbotics™ SRV-8 ROV is the most reliable and affordable remote operating vehicle (ROV) on the market. The topside control console with a standard Xbox controller provides intuitive operation for any marine professional.

This high-performance battery-powered ROV features an intuitive operating system, dual camera (HD/Analog), 305-meter depth rating, and 1500 lumen LED lights on a customizable platform, serving a multitude of applications in any underwater condition.

The SRV-8 acts as a window in the water for marine observation and deepwater exploration.


The SRV-8

8 Thruster Dynamic Vector Control (DVC)

305 Meter Depth Rating (1000 ft)

Setup and Deploy in 3 Minutes or Less

One Person Portable

Battery Operated

Built-in Expandability

Control Console with Sunlight Readable Monitor

Xbox Gaming Controller

Analog / HD Dual Camera

Smart Navigation

Hot-Swappable Long-Life Battery Modules (4-6 hours)

So simple and intuitive. A blast to drive. The automated holds for depth and heading makes for super solid tracking. Able to easily track pipeline even with large tidal swings and currents – Fantastic ROV!

Chad Nelson, Orca Maritime | San Diego, California

Applications & Industry Use


Net Inspection, Mooring Inspection, Mort/Invasive Species Identification


Bridges, Pier Structures, Water Tanks, Pipelines, Dams

Law Enforcement

Search and Recovery, Ship Hull Inspections, Rapid Deployment Operations, Diver Assist/Pre-Dive Reconnaissance

Underwater Surveys

Reef Site Mapping, Research and Data Collection, Shipwrecks, Lost Equipment Recovery, Non-invasive Shoal Verification and Ground Truthing, Survey Data Validation


Observation and Recovery, Offboard Sensors Platform, UXO Detection and Disposal, Diver Assist, Pre-Dive Reconnaissance

Science & Research

Ecological Studies and Observation, Animal Welfare, Geological, and Environmental Surveying, Instrumentation Platform

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RJE Oceanbotics New Team Member: Shawn Devlin

RJE Oceanbotics™ is excited to announce that Shawn Devlin has joined the team. Shawn is a proven Sales Manager with over 6 years of experience at a leading ROV manufacturer. He also has years of consulting experience working with ROV professionals around the world in challenging environments. We look forward…


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