Instrument Housings (Subsea Enclosures)

Expertise & proven designs, for peace of mind

Plastic, aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium…From shallow waters to full ocean depth

Once we have your specific requirements on Instrument Housings, we can recommend materials, enclosure shapes, and sealing methods that will best suit your application.

We most often provide a turn-key solution that also includes underwater connectors, a viewport (glass, acrylic, or sapphire), an interior mounting rack, external mounting brackets, pressure release valve…

When necessary we validate our designs with FEA analysis and provide pressure testing certificates.

Shown below are a few examples of Instrument Housings we have designed and manufactured over the years. It often starts with a design study, where we exchange ideas, CAD renderings, and drawings until you approve of the design. The entire process, from first contact to shipping, takes an average time of 5 weeks.

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