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Built on the proven DTG2 platform, the DTX2 performs in your challenging environments. Depth rated to 305 m (1000 ft) with robust vectored thrusters to move laterally and work in currents.

Integrating vectored thrusters allows for lateral movement in the horizontal plane, and by activating the pitch system, the DTX2 can achieve simultaneous vertical and lateral movement using only 4 thrusters.

Staying true to the market need for a fully integrated system, the DTX2 is powered by on board rechargeable batteries, and takes advantage of the superbright screen hand-held control module.

Interested in retrievals? Learn about the DTX2 ROV with a manipulator arm

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Product Description

  • Depth rated to 305 M (1000 ft)
  • Patented pitching system with rapid descent and ascent using main thrusters
  • Vectored thrusters for lateral movement
  • Low-light, High Definition camera
  • 330 degree field of view
  • No top side power required, 3 – 6 hour batteries on the ROV

System Contents

  • DTX2 ROV with vectored thrusters
  • 330 degree field of view HD camera and high powered LED light
  • 150 m (492 ft) low drag tether (6mm diameter)
  • Heavy duty tether reel with bearings and electrical slip ring for easy tether management
  • Integrated Super Bright Screen Controller with Built-in Diagnostic Tools
  • Intelligent sensor package complete with water temperature, battery levels, auto depth and auto heading
  • 4 additional fixed auxiliary LED lights
  • 2 Robust Carrying Cases

Watch the DTX2 in Action

This package can be completely customized to fit your inspection needs. Popular add-ons include the Two-Function Grabber Arm, TriTech Micron Sonar, and Auxiliary Cameras.

Unmatched Maneuverability.

Deep Trekker’s patented pitching system is combined with powerful vectored thrusters for unprecedented flexibility and movement in the water. Forward, reverse, up, down, and lateral movements are available in 360 degree vertical and horizontal planes using only 4 thrusters. Vertical movements are accomplished using the main thrusters instead of relying on substandard vertical thrusters, providing unmatched speed & maneuverability.

Like no ROV You’ve Seen Before.

It doesn’t look like ROVs because it’s not like other ROVs. The rugged, robust Deep Trekker DTX2 was designed with tough jobs in mind, but with intense attention given to the user experience. Taking its cues from larger ROVs, the DTX2 brings all of the functionality required for difficult jobs, but without the usual complexity. Building on the proven DTG2 platform, Deep Trekker offers unparalleled ease of use and simplistic sophistication.

Designed for Challenging Environments.

The DTX2 is built to work in the demanding situations. Built to last with housings made of anodized and powder coated die cast aluminum, the DTX2 can take a beating, but not break the bank. The 4 vectored thrusters have best in class thrust force for working in current to efficiently perform your most difficult inspections.

Additional Information

Width 495 mm (19.5″)
Height 380 mm (14.9″)
Length 630 mm (24.8″)
Weight (In Air) 26 Kg (58 lb)
Body Material Anodized Cast Aluminum
Window Material Acrylic
Depth Rating 305 M (1000 FT)
Operating Temperature -5°C to 40°C (23°F – 104°F)
Speed 3 Knots
System Communication RS485
Spare Communication RS485
Warranty 2 Years – Parts and Labour
System Voltage 16.0 VDC
Battery Run Time 3 – 6 Hours
Battery Recharge Time 1.5 Hours
Thruster Control 4x Independent, Infinitely Variable, 100% Reversible, Variable Gain, Vectored configuration for Lateral Motion
Tether Diameter 6.0 mm (0.24 in)
Tether Length 150m, 300m, (492ft, 1000ft)
Custom Lengths Up to 400m (1,312 ft)
Tether Weight Neutrally Buoyant in Water
Tether Construction Polyurethane outer jacket with embedded light weight synthetic fibres
Maximum Working Strength 45 kg (100 lb)
Minimum Breaking Strength 136 kg (300 lb)
Camera Colour, 700 HD, 0.01 lux, Wide Focus range, 270° Rotation
Flood Light High Powered, High Efficiency LED flood, 1x Tracking with camera, 4x Body Fixed

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