The FUSION is a breakthrough in hybrid underwater vehicles. A vastly different approach combines AUV, ROV, and DIVER Navigation/ Propulsion into one system. The elegant advancement combines a suite of high-end bespoke sensors, which produces an efficient, capable, and robust design.

A True Hybrid Underwater Vehicle

Breaking from tradition is the FUSION’s unique combination of underwater systems into a single platform. The approach creates a common operating platform for improved efficiency, reduced training, significantly lower capital expenditure, and greater mission capability. One user interface for all modes, one vehicle for all missions, and one company for all support.

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Comprehensive Sensor Suite

The FUSION comes complete with a suite of high-end sensors to maximize the quality of data collected, operational stability, and usefulness through a variety of missions. Each sensor was carefully designed into the FUSION to improve vehicle dynamics, eliminate troublesome cables/connectors and produce a tightly integrated solution.

Forward-Looking Multi-Beam Sonar
Side Scan Sonar
High Definition Video Camera
Doppler Velocity Log
Ultra Short Baseline Positioning System
Attitude Heading Reference System
Global Positioning System
Wi-Fi Data Connection
Laser Scaling

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Elegant and Capable Vehicle Design

The FUSION design sets a new standard. Computational Fluid Dynamics was used to optimize the shape, sensors are a bespoke design, high-tech material construction and careful attention to every detail make FUSION unlike anything else.

Powerful and reliable thruster design along with high-density rapid change battery packs further enhance the FUSION design.

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Intelligent Automation Control

Beyond the traditional automation for conducting AUV missions is a new era in vehicle stability and controls. The FUSION vehicle was meticulously designed to maximize stability, efficiency through the water and sensor orientation. Combining exceptional vehicle design and intelligent control and navigation algorithms produces a highly stable and intuitive underwater vehicle.

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Intuitive Human Machine Interface

Long gone are the days of complex software as the FUSION brings a welcome change with a single user interface that operates all modes and allows seamless exchange of data. Plan and execute AUV missions, analyze sensor data, conduct ROV operations, set up diver mode, export data, and more.

A ruggedized Android tablet is at the heart of the HMI with a quick connect hand controller dock for ROV mode.

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Low Drag Ruggedized Tether and Reel

For ROV missions the FUSION has a small diameter ruggedized tether to minimize drag, enabling long-range missions, and maintain system portability. The 2.4mm (0.09″) diameter kink-free tether is strong and lightweight. A single connection point to the vehicle further simplifies system intuitiveness.

A managing tether can be a challenge, but not with the compact, lightweight reel. A 2,000 meter (6,560ft) capacity and level wind make tether handling simple.

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