FUSION Technical Specifications

FUSION Technical Specifications


Depth Rating 300m (1,000ft)
Length 686mm (27in)
Width 477mm (18.8in)
Height 275mm (10.8in)
Minimum Pipe Diameter 508mm (20in)
Weight in air 25kg (55lbs)

FUSION Technical Specifications - dimentions

Thrusters & Performance

Configuration 4 vectored, 2 vertical
Vector angles Horizontal – 35º, vertical – 10º
Motor type Brushless DC
Update rate 30Hz
Bollard thrust (zero velocity) 16.4kgf / 36.1lbf / 160.6N
Speed / Velocity (Max) Forward – 4+ knots
Lateral – 2.4 knots
Vertical – 2 knots

FUSION Technical Specifications - Thrusters & Performance


Battery chemistry Lithium-Ion
Available power 914whr
Voltage 22-29.4VDC
Endurance 3-4 hours (typical)
Charging time 0-100% – 4 hours (pair)
0-90% – 2 hours (pair)
Certification UN38.3 (safe for commercial freight)

FUSION Technical Specifications - Power


Camera High Definition 1080p
135º tilt
90º horizontal field of view (in water)
Lighting 3 x LED
Tracking camera
Scaling Red line laser (30mm spread)
Tracking camera
Forward sonar Dual frequency (750kHz/1.2MHz)
130º/80º horizontal beam width
20º/12.5º vertial beam width
100m/35m (328/115ft) range
0.1m (4in) minimum range
4mm/2.5mm (0.16/0.1in) range resolution
15Hz update rate
256 beams
1.0º/0.6º acoustic angular resolution
Side scan sonar 450kHz (430-470kHz CHIRP)
0.5º horizontal beam width
60º vertical beam width
100m (328ft) range
USBL 1km (3,280ft) + hemispherical range
1º angular resolution
±50mm (2in) range resolution
24-32kHz frequency
0.2m (0.65ft) min range
50m (164ft) max range
±0.2% long term accuracy
0.01mm/s velocity resolution
±16m/s velocity range
8Hz pin rate
Altimeter 1MHz
0.2m (0.65ft) min range
70m (230ft) max range
2.5m (8.2ft range)
Wi-Fi Wireless N
AHRS 0.2º pitch/roll
  1º yaw

FUSION Technical Specifications - Sensors

Tether & Reel

Diameter 2.4mm (0.09in) nominal
Length 500m (1,640ft) standard
2,000m (6,561ft) optional
Strength 113kgf (250lbf)
Type Single mode fiber
Gigabit Ethernet
Kink free
Buoyancy Neutral in fresh water

HMI & Automation

Configuration Ruggedized tablet
Detachable control dock
Operating system Android
Automation Auto depth/heading/altitude
Roll compensation
Waypoint navigation
Station hold
Buoyancy calculation
Return to home
Operating modes Full auto, stability control, manual

FUSION Technical Specifications - HMI & Automation

System Contents

Standard components Vehicle, HMI, tether, reel, cases, spares, 4 x battery pods
Standard sensors HD camera, LEDs, laser scaling, USBL, DVL, altimeter, forward sonar, side scan sonar, GPS, WIFI, AHRS, pressure & temperature


SRS FUSION Specifications Sheet US Letter
SRS FUSION Specifications Sheet A4

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