Introducing the Tritech Merlin dredge pump, the successor to our Excalibur pump and a testament to innovation and enhanced performance. With improved design features, a smaller and lighter build, and enhanced robustness, the Merlin pump sets a new standard in dredging power, ranging from 35 h.p. to 60 h.p.


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Experience the power and efficiency of the Tritech Merlin dredge pump, a compact and robust solution designed for superior excavation and jetting performance. With its smaller, lighter build and enhanced durability, the Merlin pump sets a new standard in dredging capabilities, ranging from 35 h.p. to 60 h.p.

Equipped with the same double seal arrangement as the acclaimed Super ZipJet dredge pump, the Merlin provides reliable operation. Its modular design allows for easy maintenance, ensuring optimal performance throughout its lifespan.

The Merlin pump boasts significant efficiency improvements in both the impeller and eductor, making it an essential tool for any work-class ROV. With no moving parts in the suction flow path, the Merlin pump eliminates the risk of blockages or jams.

In case of any obstructions, the flow reversal valve allows for easy back flushing of the suction nozzle. By harnessing the power of high-velocity fluid, the pump creates a low-pressure region behind the suction nozzle, enabling efficient dredging operations.

Switching between the suction and jetting modes is quick and seamless, and the pump can be configured to an intermediate position for simultaneous jetting and excavation tasks.

Choose the Tritech Merlin pump to optimize your underwater operations with its unmatched performance, reliability, and versatility.


Manuals, Datasheets, Software, etc.

Merlin Pump (PDF 195 KB)

STEP Files

Merlin Pump – p/n TI-MSZ-PA001-01 (ZIP 2 MB)


Merlin Pump (PDF 2 MB)

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