Within the defense sector, Tritech stands as a reliable and longstanding military partner, offering comprehensive support and cutting-edge sensor solutions. For over 30 years, our sensors have played a vital role in military applications, providing unparalleled performance and aiding in critical operations. From mine-counter measures and search and recovery missions to covert diving operations, our sensors have proven their reliability and effectiveness.

Our extensive range of products utilized in the defense sector includes:

Diver Mounted Display (DMD)

Enhanced for zero visibility conditions, the Tritech Diver Mounted Display (DMD) system empowers divers with superior navigation capabilities and efficient inspection capabilities.


Micron Gemini

With greatly improved image quality, a 90 horizontal field of view, and a 50m range, the Micron Gemini offers cost-effective obstacle avoidance and navigation for small ROVs and AUVs.


Gemini 1200ik

The Gemini 1200ik is a powerful addition to the renowned Gemini range of sonar systems. It offers two operational frequencies, allowing users to switch between low and high frequencies depending on their requirements.


Gemini 720ik 360°

Introducing the Gemini 720ik 360°, a custom engineering project that leverages the renowned technology of the Tritech Gemini 720ik multibeam imaging sonar. This fully integrated underwater monitoring system provides a comprehensive and budget-friendly solution for a wide range of applications.


Diver Mounted Display (DMD)

In 2020, Tritech introduced the revolutionary Diver Mounted Display (DMD), a groundbreaking system designed to enhance diver capabilities in zero visibility environments. The DMD empowers divers with target recognition, safe navigation, and close inspection capabilities, all in real time. Leveraging advanced multibeam imaging sonar technology, the system mounts at head height and projects the sonar image directly into a monocle covering the diver’s non-dominant eye.

The Gemini range of multibeam imaging sonars provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing divers to choose the most suitable sonar for their specific operation. For basic navigation needs, the Micron Gemini delivers reliable performance. For operations requiring higher resolution, divers can opt for the Gemini 720ik or Gemini 1200ik, both offering exceptional range, resolution, and field of view. These high-specification multibeam imaging sonars instill divers with confidence and significantly enhance efficiency during zero visibility operations, surpassing the limitations of relying solely on search patterns.

The Diver Mounted Display is available in two configurations: Tethered (DMD-T) and Untethered (DMD-U). The tethered system is primarily designed for surface air dive systems, where the diver remains connected to the surface via supplied tether and the support team maintains control of the sonar operation.

In contrast, the untethered system (DMD-U) allows the diver to operate independently, with full control over the sonar operation. This configuration is particularly advantageous for covert operations or environments where the presence of a tether cord could pose potential hazards, such as the risk of snagging.

Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of the Diver Mounted Display, revolutionizing diver operations in zero visibility conditions. With its advanced technology and versatile configurations, Tritech’s DMD sets a new standard for underwater situational awareness in the defense sector.

Multibeam Imaging Sonars

Introducing our suite of multibeam imaging sonars, including the Micron Gemini and Gemini 1200ik, renowned for their exceptional performance in military applications. These advanced sonar systems have been extensively utilized in defense operations over the past decade, earning a solid reputation for their reliability and versatility.

The Micron Gemini has emerged as a preferred choice in the defense sector, offering a compact form factor, lightweight design, and an impressive depth rating of 750m. Its seamless integration capabilities make it compatible with a wide range of vehicles and swimboards, providing flexibility in deployment for various military operations.

With a wide 90° horizontal field of view, a range of 50m range, 128 beams, and an outstanding angular resolution of 0.7°, the Micron Gemini delivers exceptional imaging capabilities in a compact package. Since its launch in 2022, this powerful sonar has gained significant traction in the defense market and is expected to continue its upward momentum. At Tritech, we are committed to continuously improving our products based on valuable user feedback, ensuring that they meet the evolving needs of our customers.

In addition to the Micron Gemini, our portfolio includes the Gemini 1200ik, a dual-frequency version of the Gemini 720ik that launched in 2019. This highly sought-after sonar is equipped with low and high frequencies, enabling precise target location, navigation, and video-like imagery. To further enhance its capabilities, the Gemini 1200ik will soon be integrated with AHRS, minimizing the need for additional sensors and payload on ROVs and AUVs, while maintaining optimal performance.

Experience the unmatched performance of our multibeam imaging sonars, purpose-built to withstand rigorous demands. With a strong commitment to innovations and continuous improvement, Tritech remains at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge sonar technology.

Gemini 720ik 360⁰

The Gemini 720ik 360⁰ is one of our latest developments, offering a comprehensive 360° field of view for intruder detection in harbors and ports. Designed by our talented engineering team, this multibeam imaging sonar demonstrates exceptional performance in the defense sector.

During advanced testing, the Gemini 720ik 360⁰ underwent an extended deployment in a large body of water, collecting valuable data over a year. With its wide 360° field of view covering 120m in all directions, this sonar system effectively monitors and surveils a vast area of water.

Equipped with cutting-edge software leveraging artificial intelligence, and specifically deep learning models based on artificial neural networks, the Gemini 720ik 360° achieves superior accuracy in target detection and classification. These models are trained using previously acquired data and deployed in real-time, enabling precise identification and tracking of targets. By incorporating deep learning techniques, this sonar system minimizes the need for human supervision, making it highly desirable in the defense sector.


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