Survey Sensors

Micron Echosounder Altimeter

The Micron Echosounder is a compact and versatile echo sounder designed specifically for seamless integration with ROVs, AUVs, and WROVs, offering effortless installation and exceptional performance.


PA200 / PA500 Altimeters

The PA200/PA500 altimeters offer high-performance depth measurement capabilities specifically designed for ROVs, WROVs, and AUVs, ensuring accurate and reliable results.


Super SeaKing Bathy

Experience unparalleled accuracy with the Super SeaKing 704 Bathymetric system, providing precise measurements of depth, conductivity, and temperature.


Dual Frequency Echosounder

Unlock the power of custom engineering projects with our Dual Frequency Echosounder, built on the field-proven Tritech PA200 and PA500 Digital Precision Altimeter technology. By harnessing the full digital synthesis of transmit and receive frequencies and leveraging the advanced input dynamic range of the PA Altimeter family, this echosounder delivers unparalleled performance and precision.


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