Positioning & Data Transfer

MicronNav 200

Introducing the MicronNav 200, Tritech's cutting-edge Ultra Short Base Line (USBL) positioning system. Engineered specifically for small vehicles and diver-supporting applications, this advanced system sets a new standard in precision and reliability.


Micron Battery Modem

The Micron Battery Modem offers a reliable data link for through-water communications in environments with space and power limitations, eliminating the need for an external power source.


Micron Modem

Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of the Micron Modem, a revolutionary breakthrough in through-water communications. This compact unit delivers robust spread spectrum data transmission, setting a new standard in efficiency and performance.


Intelligent Fibre-Optic Gyro (iFG)

Enhance heading stability with the Tritech iFG (Intelligent Fibre-Optic Gyro), a powerful solution that seamlessly integrates with the Tritech Intelligent Gyro Compass (iGC) and other heading and motion reference units (MRUs).


Intelligent Gyro Compass (iGC)

Experience the unmatched capabilities of the Tritech Intelligent Gyro Compass (iGC), a comprehensive heading sensor and motion reference unit (MRU) specifically designed for ROVs. With its integration of three angular rate gyros, three orthogonal DC accelerometers, and three orthogonal magnetometers, the iGC sets a new standard in precision and reliability. 


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