Like no ROV you’ve seen before. Two thrusters with unmatched maneuverability.

Experience the world’s first fully portable ROV

The DTG2 is a commercial grade mini ROV, designed with the Deep Trekker patented pitching system for unmatched maneuverability. An internal HD camera, with a 330 degree field of view so you can inspect below, above, behind or in front of you, and see the live feed directly to your hand held controller. With on-board batteries, work 6 – 8 hours on one 1.5 hour battery charge, and never worry about lugging around multiple cases or generators to your dive sites.

The DTG2 has a forward speed of 2.5 knots, with depth ratings of 100 m and 150 m, this tool is ideal for underwater inspections in your tough environments.

All DTG2 Packages include the same robust DTG2 ROV, but we have packaged them with different accessories to best suit your application. To get started, select your ideal package, and then customize with the best options for you.

Tri-Chile Ltda

“Our first two units have reached over 5600 operating hours each – and still counting.”
Tri-Chile Ltda.

The DTG2 ROV Package Options

DTG2 Starter DTG2 Pro DTG2 Smart DTG2 Worker
Just the basics. Great for shallow observation up to 50 m A Reel for Cable management, 75 m of tether, all in 1 carry case Heading & depth senors – ideal tool for precise and complex inspections Light work with an added two-function grabber arm
DTG2 Starter DTG2 Pro DTG2 Smart DTG2 Worker
$4,873 USD $6,123 USD $9,749 USD $11,873 USD
Depth Rating 100 m Depth Rating 100 m Depth Rating 150 m Depth Rating 150 m
50 m (164 ft) Tether 75 m (246 ft) Tether on Reel 75 m (246 ft) Tether on Reel 100 m (330 ft) Tether on Reel
5.6″ LCD Controller 5.6″ LCD Controller 5.6″ LCD Controller 5.6″ LCD Controller
Heavy Duty Carrying Case Heavy Duty Carrying Case Heavy Duty Carrying Case
Intelligent Sensors for heading and depth and more… Intelligent Sensors for heading and depth and more…
2 Function Grabber Arm Complete, 360 degree rotate and open/close
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Count on the Deep Trekker DTG2 ROV For Your Next Project

The Deep Trekker DTG2 ROV is trusted by thousands of individuals and companies around the world to complete
their tough inspections. The patented two thruster design provides unmatched maneuverability and a
hydrodynamic shape to quickly cut down through current using the two powerful thrusters.The internal rotating HD camera is proven to help complete your inspection faster. Quickly sweeps large
areas, or hold the camera orientation while inspecting a certain area in detail.


Answers to Your Questions

Can I change the tether length included on my DTG2 ROV package?

Yes, these packages include standard tether lengths, but you can increase this up to 400 meters (1300 feet). Keep in mind, the DTG2 Starter and Pro are depth rated to 100 meters (330 feet) and the Smart and Worker packages are depth rated to 150 meters (500 feet).

Are there further customizations and sensors I can add to the DTG2 ROV?

The package options are simply a starting point, based on our experience of what people generally bundle together based on the task at hand. There are many add-ons and accessories to customize your Deep Trekker for exactly what you need.

How are these powered?

Deep Trekker’s unique feature of internal, on-board batteries means there are no generators or to-side boxes are required. The batteries last between 6 and 8 hours on a single 1.5 hour charge. For longer missions, the DTG2 ROV can also be equipped with hybrid-power.

What are the ‘sensors’ and why are they important?

The sensors provide an on-screen display of your magnetic compass heading, depth (feet or meters), camera angle, turns counter, pitch, and roll. They also enable auto-heading and auto-depth. These sensors make is much easier to pilot in large areas or complete precise inspections.

How does the ROV drive up and down?

With the patented design, the outer shell of the ROV rotates 180 degrees to orient the thrusters horizontal or vertical, while gravity holds the internal frame stationary. The internal camera rotates independently of the pitch and can be adjusted at any time.

How are the materials made of?

The housing is die-cast aluminum which is then anodized and powder coated to stand up against the harsh environments you work in. Don’t be confused with the powder-coated finish, the DTG2 ROV is not constructed from plastic, these little vehicles can take a beating.

Meet the ‘Big Brother’

DTX2 Vectored ROV

We are continually evolving to meet your needs. We’ve listened to customers desiring greater depth ratings and vectored thrusters to complete lateral inspections in operations such as military and offshore drilling.If this sounds like you, we’ve released the DTX2 ROV. The DTX2 provides more power, more depth, and more thrust – while still being a completely portable solution.

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