Benthic Landers

Autonomous Benthic Lander (ABL)

Benthic Lander

The Solo X Autonomous Benthic Lander (ABL) is a compact, water column and seabed observation platform. During deployment, the integral Solo X Subea Imaging System captures video or imagery, logs data and ultimately releases the sacrifial anchor returning the ABL to the surface.

The ABL is a highly adaptable platform and can be fitted with multiple Solo X imaging systems, lights, scaling lasers, CTDs and baited traps. Provisions are provided on the frame for mounting acoustic and radio/satellite beacons to aid in recovery.


  • Up To 11000 Meter Rated
  • Scalable Design
  • Custom Configurations


Cameras, lights, lasers, CTD, Etc.
Max. Boyancy
+60lbs (20lbs per foam block)
Weight In Air
~140lbs (without anchor)
Anchor Release
Subsea burnwire, backup timed galvanic release

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