Coax hybrid cable Type – 6075CC

Coax hybrid cable Type 6075CC

Coax hybrid cable – Type 6075CC

Construction characteristics

1 x Coaxial cable RG179
0.08 mm² (7/0.12 mm) Tinned Copper PE insulated to 1.60 mm
Secondary Conductor: Tinned Copper Braid
LSZH Jacket
OD: 2.54 mm
Color: BK
2 x Conductors 1.00 mm² (32/0.20 mm) Tinned Copper XLPE Insulated 0.30 mm nom RTI
OD: 2.00 mm
Colour: BU RD
Lay up Coaxial cable and conductors twisted together with 0.50 mm² (16/0.20 mm)
Tinned Copper drain wire and fillers in interstices
Overall helical 12/23µm Ali/PET foil screen, minimum overlap 50%
Non-woven Polyester Tissue tape, minimum overlap 30%
OD: 5.00 mm
Jacket Polyether Polyurethane, 85 Shore A, Halogen Free, 1.25 mm nom RTI
OD: 7.50 mm +/-0.25
Colour: OR

Mechanical characteristics

Max. operating temp
Cold flex temp -40°C
Depth rating 5,000 m
Min. recommended bend radius
50 mm
60 mm
Nominal weight
In air
In seawater
78 kg/km
33 kg/km at SG 1.025

Electrical characteristics

RG179B/U coaxial cable
Conductor resistance
Characteristic impedance
239.50 Ω/km at 20°C
75 Ω
60 pF/m
Attenuation at
50 MHz
100 MHz
200 MHz
400 MHz
1000 MHz
13.30 dB/100 m Nom
20.40 dB/100 m Nom
29.70 dB/100 m Nom
43.00 dB/100 m Nom
74.90 dB/100 m Nom
1.00 mm² conductors
Max. conductor resistance
19.20 Ω/km at 20°C
Min. insulation resistance
Core – Core
Core – Screen
> 1.00 GΩ/km
> 500 MΩ/km
Voltage rating Uo/U 600/1,000 Vrms
Max. recommended current/conductor 10 A
In compliance with CE, UK CA, UK NI, RoHS, LVD

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