OptoLink Fiber Optic Connector

MacArtney OptoLink connectors combine robustness and reliability with flexibility and ease of use. They provide low noise fibre optic connections for one to four optical fibre passes in a wide range of configurations for connector and penetrator types.

Thanks to spherical lens technology, MacArtney OptoLink connectors are easy to clean and reassemble in the field. OptoLink connectors are robust and reliable and are rated for depths of up to 8,000 metres. Their flexible cables also make the connectors easy to work with.

MacArtney OptoLink connectors are available in flange (FCR), bulkhead (BCR) and cable mount (CCP, CCR) configurations from stock in both Nickel Aluminium Bronze C63000, stainless steel AISI 316 and Titinium Grade 2 housings.

Features and benefits

  • 8,000 metre standard depth rating
  • 1-4 fibre passes
  • Can combine single mode and multi mode
  • Low attenuation
  • Unlimited number of matings
  • Excellent performance even when mated in harsh marine environments
  • FCR and BCR rated to 800 bar back pressure in oil
  • Stock and service from various MacArtney locations worldwide
  • Available in Nickel Aluminium Bronze C63000, stainless steel AISI 316 and Titanium Gr. 2 housings


  • ROV, ROTV and AUV systems
  • Fiber optic video and data multiplexers
  • Cable ploughs
  • Acoustic ranges
  • Fiber optic riser fatigue systems
  • General underwater fiber optic communications
  • Renewable energy applications


  • Certified pressure testing of assemblies or components

Step files

OptoLink FO BCR-A 600 Bar.stp
OptoLink FO BCR-A Dry Box.stp
OptoLink FO CCP-A.stp
OptoLink FO CCR-A.stp
OptoLink FO Dust Cap Female.stp
OptoLink FO Dust Cap Male.stp
OptoLink FO FCR-A 600 Bar.stp
OptoLink FO FCR-A Dry Box.stp
OptoLink FO Pressure Cap Female.stp
OptoLink FO Pressure Cap Male.stp

Related files

OptoLink Fibre Optic Connector.pdf
OptoLink Handling Instructions.pdf

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