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Acoustic Receivers / Interrogators

RJE’s acoustic receivers/interrogators can be mounted on subsea vehicles, used from the surface, or operated by a diver.

Easily relocate subsea assets and other divers during search and recovery missions, location marking and poor visibility missions. With broad frequency bands, a variety of hydrophone options, and operational depths directional, our cost-effective acoustic receivers and interrogators come in a wide variety of options.

When you look at the investment you make in equipment and, more importantly, personnel and time, RJE International pingers, receivers, and transponders act as cost-effective insurance and significantly improve the safety of all divers and subsea operations.

RJE International specializes in underwater acoustic pingers and transponders. We would be happy to partner with you on a customized product to meet your needs. Whether it is an emergency location beacon for your subsea vehicle or towfish, marking equipment moorings, or tracking divers during training, we have a solution for any marking and relocation requirement with our pingers/transponders.

For more information, please contact us at (858) 454-4044 or brock@o-vations.com.

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