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PRS-275 Pinger Receiver System

The PRS-275 is a diver pinger receiver that can be converted to a surface pinger receiver using a separate directional hydrophone and user-adjustable staff assembly. The system includes the DPR-275 diver pinger receiver, waterproof headset, adjustable staff assembly with a directional hydrophone, cable assembly, and shipping container.

Receiver Specifications

Frequency Range

5 to 80kHz



Hydrophone Directivity

Typically 30º

Transducer Beam Pattern

30º @ 27kHz
25º @ 37.5kHz

LCD Display


LED Display

Signal Strength Meter

Low Battery



Analog on Housing and Staff Assy

Power Source

Rechargeable Battery

Battery Life

8 Hours

Surface Hydrophone Staff Assy

Anodized Aluminum, 10ft (3m)

Surface Hydrophone Cable

20ft (6m)

Operating Depth

660ft (200m)

Weight in Air

4.5lbs (2.0g)

Receiver Weight in Water

12oz (190gr)

Receiver Housing Material

Corrosion Resistant Delrin

Housing Dimensions


10.0in (25.4cm)


4.0in (10.4cm)

Specifications are subject to change without notice

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