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DDIS-500 Diver Visual Sonar

The DDIS-500 visual sonar is used to detect and identify underwater mines by clearance divers in poor visibility conditions and is certified to STANG 2897 for a low-magnetic signature. The DDIS-500 also uses a low-light video camera with adjustable LED light to capture images of subsea objects. All data is stored on a removable USB drive.

Imaging Sonar

Blueview Dual Frequency Sonar

Frequency: 900/2250kHz

Horizontal Field of View: 45 deg

Vertical Field of View: 20 deg

Range: 100m @ 900kHz / 20m @ 2250kHz

Navigation Sensors

INS SBG-ELLIPSE Heading Sensor

Accuracy: <0.5° to 1.5° RMS
Pitch/Roll: ± 0.2°


Channels: 72

Accuracy: 2.5 Meters CPE

Cold Start: < 30 seconds (90%)
Reacquisition: < 2 sec (90%)

Rowe Doppler Velocity Log

Frequency: 600 kHz

Accuracy: 1% +/- 1mm/s

Maximum Altitude: 120 m (394ft)

Minimum Altitude: 0.4 m (1ft)

Depth Pressure Sensor

Accuracy: 0.1% of Full Scale

Navigation Accuracy

Along Track Error: 5m at 4km over 4 hours


Depth Rated: 60m (197 ft.)

Non Magnetic: To STANAG 2897, Class B

Operating Temperature -4°C to 45°C / 25°F to 113°F


LED Display: Color, 12 inches, 768/1024 Pixels

Power: Battery Hot Swap Rechargeable Lithium

Operational Life: 6 hours


Size: 56cm x 27cm x 38cm / 22.0” x 10.5” x 15.0”

Weight In Air: 20kg (44 lbs)
In Water: Neutrally Buoyant

Housing Material: Delrin and Synthetic Foam

Switches: Oil Filled, Mechanical

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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