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BNC 100G Boat Navigation Console


The BNC-100G Series Boat Navigation Console ensures accurate navigation of small inflatables in tactical combat situations when accuracy is essential. Used by Special Boat Commands worldwide, the console is designed for easy installation on the air compartment of small inflatables like the Wing P4 and P5 series boats or the Zodiac F470. Mounting slots allow for reliable tie-down points utilizing tie-wraps, 550 cord, or bungee straps. The BNC-100G replaces the knot meter and instrument hood of the original BNC-100 with rugged rubber straps to hold a small GPS receiver (not included). This provides the operator clear access to the GPS receiver, even in rough seas.

BNC-100G Navigation Console


Illumination: Adjustable Chem-Light Holder

Material: High Impact ABS

Size: 14″ x 11.5″W x 7.5″H (35cm x 29cm x 19cm)

TAC-100-2 Navigation Compass

Housing: Clear Polymer Compass Dome, Fluid-filled, Non-Corrosive Plastic Main Housing

Tilt: 20° N, S, and 40° E, W

Depth Rating: 19,800ft (6,000m)

Compass Card: Photo Luminous Dial with Black Background

Lubber Lines: North, East, and West Markers

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