Gemini Multibeam Hub

Unleash the power of seamless integration with the Tritech Gemini Hub, designed to provide an excellent platform for integrating the Gemini 620pd profiling sonar and other subsea sensors.


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Gemini Multibeam Hub

Unlock seamless integration and enhanced system-building capabilities with the Tritech Gemini Hub. Purposefully designed as a versatile platform, it seamlessly integrates the Gemini 620pd profiling sonar and a range of subsea sensors.

The Gemini Hub offers effortless integration quick and easy integration and compatibility with existing IT infrastructures. Housed in a standard low-profile rack-mountable chassis, it ensures easy connectivity through a standard Ethernet output. By employing efficient and low-power components, the Gemini Hub minimizes power requirements while maximizing connection options.

As a standard configuration, the unit can accommodate two Ethernet Gemini 620pd profiling sonars (with a VDSL option available). It also supports data acquisition from up to 8 RS232 sensors, including attitude, heading, or motion sensors. Additionally, GPS data can be conveniently handled through a dedicated BNC port. The option for powering devices via the communications port using a single cable further enhances flexibility.

The Tritech Gemini Hub serves as an ideal companion to the Gemini 620pd profiling sonar, ensuring accurate timestamping of survey data. With its ability to integrate data from multiple sensors and provide a single ethernet output for seamless connectivity to existing IT infrastructures, the Gemini Hub is an invaluable addition to any survey system.

Note: The manual download provided is for the Gemini 620pd, as it is part of the overall system.


Manuals, Datasheets, Software, etc.

Gemini Hub (PDF 275 KB)


Gemini 620pd & Gemini Hub (PDF 4 MB)

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