Gemini 620pd

Leveraging our renowned Gemini multibeam imaging technology, the Gemini 620pd offers a high-resolution echo sounder solution specifically designed for subsea profiling applications.


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Gemini 620pd

Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of the Gemini 620pd, a high-resolution echo sounder that incorporates the latest advancements in signal processing technology. This allows the Gemini 620pd to deliver exceptional bathymetry data, which can be seamlessly exported to industry-recognized survey packages such as EIVA, Hypack, and QINSy. Additionally, the data can be accurately timestamped using the Gemini Hub.

Operating at 620kHz, the Gemini 620pd offers an impressive range resolution of 10mm and angular resolution of 0.5, ensuring precise results even in diverse environments. Its high-accuracy performance sets a new standard in subsea profiling.

The included software package is designed to provide users with intuitive and efficient system optimization, allowing for seamless operation and maximum performance. The Gemini 620pd incorporates automated features like automatic bottom tracking, variable gate setting, gate tilting, and roll compensation, minimizing the need for user intervention during surveys.

Choose between equidistant or equiangular mode based on the survey type and area of interest. The Gemini Hub allows for the connection of up to 2 Gemini 620pd heads, enabling accurate synchronization of data from other sensors, including GPS, Gyro MRU, and SVS for comprehensive post-processing.

With a depth rating of 4000m, the Gemini 620pd is suitable for both dual-head configuration as a high-speed upgrade for the SeaKing DFP and single-head configuration for bathymetry surveys. Explore the full potential of subsea profiling with the Gemini 620pd.


Manuals, Datasheets, Software, etc.

Gemini 620pd (PDF 608 KB)

STEP Files

Gemini 620pd – p/n S10167 (ZIP 824 KB)


Gemini 620pd & Gemini Hub (PDF 4 MB)


Gemini Profiler – Survey Software EIVA NaviScan (PDF 861 KB)
Gemini Profiler – Survey Software QPS QINSy (PDF 1 MB)
Gemini Profiler – Survey Software Hypack & Hysweep (PDF 1 MB)

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