Gemini NBI

Unlock the power of the Gemini NBI, featuring a narrow vertical beam with a wide 130° swath.  Experience the remarkable clarity of its acoustic imaging, as it effortlessly cuts through the water with a precise and focused acoustic beam. Benefit from the high refresh rate that is a characteristic of Tritech’s renowned Gemini range.


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Gemini NBI | Multibeam Imaging Sonar

Introducing the Gemini NBI, an exceptional multibeam sonar that offers a narrow vertical beam and a wide 130° swath for superior underwater imaging.

With its cutting-edge technology, the Gemini NBI generates high-resolution acoustic images by utilizing a precise and narrow acoustic beam, delivering the remarkable performance expected from the renowned Gemini range of multibeam sonars.

Built upon the successful design of the Gemini 720i, the Gemini NBI distinguishes itself with a vertical beam width of only 1 degree, allowing for highly accurate target identification compared to wider beam imaging sonars typically used for obstacle avoidance.

Operating at a frequency of 620kHz, the Gemini NBI achieves an impressive 10mm range resolution and a sharp 0.5-degree horizontal angular resolution, ensuring the production of detailed and clear sonar images. When precise target positioning is crucial, the Gemini NBI excels in guiding users safely. to their desired objectives.

Featuring a multibeam transducer design, the Gemini NBI offers a comprehensive 130° sector scan width, coupled with a rapid update rate of up to 30 scans per second. This combination of wide-angle imaging and high refresh rate enables efficient maneuvering in challenging visibility conditions, allowing users to navigate toward targets with ease.

Built to withstand demanding environments, the Gemini NBI is depth rated to 4000m and constructed from durable titanium, making it ideal for applications such as subsea mining and excavation.

The Gemini NBI seamlessly integrates with Tritech’s Seanet Pro software package, enabling network connectivity with other Tritech sensors. Additionally, a standalone Gemini software package is available, providing users with a customizable control and display interface, including features like click-and-track functionality and engineering measurement tools. The Gemini software shares common features with Seanet Pro, such as data recording/playback, screen capture, range and gain control, color palette selection, and cursor reporting.  For autonomous vehicle operations, a software development kit is also available.

Experience the exceptional performance and versatility of the Gemini NBI, designed to deliver precise imaging and reliable underwater navigation in the most challenging marine environments.


Manuals, Datasheets, Software, etc.

Gemini NBI (PDF 204 KB)


Genesis v1.7.3.76 (MSI 163 MB)


Gemini NBI (PDF 4 MB)

STEP Files

Gemini NBI – p/n S10164 (ZIP 1 MB)

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