SeaKing AUV / ROV

The SeaKing AUV/ROV side scan sonar system is the perfect solution for AUV and ROV applications, offering exceptional performance in a compact and cost-effective design. Experience high-definition side scan sonar capabilities like never before.


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SeaKing AUV / ROV

Experience the power of Tritech’s SeaKing AUV/ROV side scan sonar system, featuring cutting-edge DST (Digital Sonar Technology) for unparalleled underwater imaging. This compact and cost-effective high-definition solution is specifically designed to excel in a wide range of ROV seabed survey and inspection tasks.

The SeaKing AUV/ROV side scan sonar system comes with separate transducers and an electronics module, allowing seamless integration into ROV and AUV underwater systems, ensuring optimal performance.

As part of Tritech’s SeaKing range of sonars and sensors, the SeaKing AUV/ROV side scan sonar system offers compatibility with other SeaKing sensors over a single communications link, offering unmatched flexibility and efficiency. Whether using the Surface Control Unit (SCU) or a customer-supplied PC or laptop, all products within the SeaKing family, including compatible third-party products through the ARCNET communications link, can be operated simultaneously, sharing the same processor and display.

In addition to providing high-resolution side scan sonar data, the system can receive position input from DGPS, allowing for accurate target geolocation. This information is recorded along with the side scan sonar data, enabling precise target location and analysis.

Unlock the full potential of underwater exploration and surveying with the SeaKing AUV/ROV side scan sonar from Tritech.


Manuals, Datasheets, Software, etc.

SeaKing Side Scan Sonar (ROV AUV) (PDF 213 KB)


Seanet Pro v2.25 (590) Standard (ZIP 54 MB)


Seanet System – Side Scan Annotation (PDF 354 KB)


SeaKing Side Scan Sonar (ROV AUV) (PDF 5 MB)

STEP Files

SeaKing Side Scan Sonar (ROV AUV) – p/n S07192-SYS and S07193-SYS (ZIP 786 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why does my device appear as UNKNOWN in Seanet Setup?
If your device shows UNKNOWN in Seanet Setup, it is typically due to an issue with the RS232 ground connection. To resolve this, please check for continuity on the copper sections between each end of the cable. In rare cases, if the issue persists, it may indicate that you have an RS485 device connected to an RS232 port.
For detailed instructions and troubleshooting tips, we recommend referring to our comprehensive document titled “Serial Port Connection and Setup Rev 1.” This resource will help you understand the basics and address any issues related to serial port connections effectively.

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