Unlock the full potential of your survey equipment with the SeaHub, a highly versatile product that seamlessly interfaces with Tritech and third-party devices to your PC or laptop computer using a USB 1.1/2.0 connection.


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Experience unparalleled versatility with the SeaHub, an advanced control unit that seamlessly interfaces with Tritech or third-party survey equipment via a USB 1.1/2.0 connection to your PC or laptop computer.

Recently redesigned in a rugged stainless steel housing, the SeaHub is available as a compact desktop unit or a 19″ rack mount configuration, ensuring durability and adaptability to various setups.

Equipped with additional USB and serial ports, the SeaHub provides instant access to storage devices, GPS, and other ancillary sensors. The equipment interfaces are software configurable, allowing for driving long lines with ArcNet or RS485, as required by the individual sensors. Furthermore, multiplexer channels support RS232, RS422, or TTL connections.

The unit can be powered by mains or DC power, with the mains-powered variant offering a 28VDC (factory pre-set variable up to 36VDC) output to conveniently power connected equipment such as side scan sonars. The DC-powered version extends the input supply through a fused DC output. Various head connections are available, including an AIF-compatible 15-pin D connector, a 9-pin serial connector, or a specially configured Tritech 6-pin DIN connector.

Front panel diagnostic LEDs provide clear visibility of interface ports in use and their status. The SeaHub is fully compatible with our comprehensive Seanet Pro software suite, offering seamless integration and control.

For users who prefer hardware controls, the SeaHub supports the connection of standard Tritech RAT (Remote Access Terminal), ensuring an ergonomic user experience.

Unlock the full potential of your survey equipment with the SeaHub, revolutionizing your data acquisition and control capabilities.


Manuals, Datasheets, Software, etc.

SeaHub (PDF 163 KB)


Genesis v1.7.3.76 (MSI 163 MB)
Seanet Pro v2.25 (590) Standard (ZIP 54 MB)


SeaHub (PDF 3 MB)

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