Super SeaSpy

Introducing the Super SeaSpy underwater video camera: a compact, rugged, and resilient camera with high-resolution, full-color imaging capabilities and built-in low-voltage lighting.


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Super SeaSpy

Discover the exceptional performance of the Tritech Super SeaSpy underwater video camera. This compact camera delivers high-resolution, full-color imaging, and is equipped with integral low-voltage lighting, ensuring superior visibility in challenging underwater environments.

Engineered to withstand the rigors of underwater inspections, the Super SeaSpy combines ruggedness with compactness without compromising on video quality. Capture stunning color videos with remarkable clarity.

Featuring a ring of white LEDs, the Super SeaSpy provides uniform illumination across the field of view. The LED Engine utilizes Dynamic Light Control (DLC) technology, automatically adjusting the lighting level to optimize video image quality, even in varying work surface conditions. This advanced optimized feature minimizes backscatter caused by suspended particles in the water column, resulting in enhanced picture quality.

Equipped with a water-corrected lens system, the Super SeaSpy further enhances picture quality by reducing radial distortion and chromatic aberration. Enjoy crisp and accurate visuals for your underwater inspections.

Choose the Tritech Super SeaSpy for unrivaled performance, reliability, and exceptional video imaging capabilities, empowering your underwater operations with clarity and precision.


Manuals, Datasheets, Software, etc.

Super SeaSpy (PDF 422 KB)


Genesis v1.7.3.76 (MSI 163 MB)


Super SeaSpy (PDF 963 KB)

STEP Files

Super SeaSpy – p/n PCAM1Z-S (ZIP 84 KB)

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